Developer API

I provide a simple and easy-to-understand API documentation.

How to use

You need to copy this content into your plug-in, and then operate according to the functions provided above.
import java.util.List;
import cn.yistars.bungeehub.api.HubHook;
public class BungeeHubHook implements HubHook {
public static String getGroupName(String server) {
return HubHook.getGroupName(server);
public static String getGroupType(String groupname) {
return HubHook.getGroupType(groupname);
public static String getGroupQueue(String groupname) {
return HubHook.getGroupQueue(groupname);
public static List<String> getGroupCommand(String groupname) {
return HubHook.getGroupCommand(groupname);
public static String getDefaultGroup() {
return HubHook.getDefaultGroup();
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