Hub Group
You can set different servers to use different halls in groups.

You need to do it in config.yml, and BungeeHub will perform different operations according to the type and other related values you set.

When using /hub, the server group name displayed. The related sentence can be modified in UseHub of messages.yml, or you can set the sentence to "", which can turn off the sending function.


Use this type, it will be directly transmitted to the server with the same name as the group.

Using this type, the corresponding command will be executed, and multiple commands can be set. Execute as the Bungee console, and use the BungeeCommand plugin to execute Bungee commands as the player.

To use this type, you need the ServerQueue plugin, which can select the corresponding server according to the actual situation. Please make sure you use ServerQueue and set queue to the corresponding value.

You can set a list of servers that use this grouping, and it needs to match exactly. The default grouping may not be set.
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