Comprehensive messages file, you can configure every sentence.
The language in the default configuration is Simplified Chinese, if you need English, you can get it on this page.
You can set the sentences you don’t want to send to ""
# Plugin
Enabled: "Enabled successfully."
Loaded: "Loaded successfully."
Disenabled: "Disenabled successfully."
# Set to "" not to send messages
# Player
UseHub: "&aConnecting %group%&a..."
NoPermission: "&cYou have no permission to do this."
# Admin
Reload: "&aReload config successfully."
Console: "This command must be executed in the game."
# Update Check
Checking: "&7Checking for update..."
NoUpdate: "&aThe currently used version is already the latest version."
Update: "&a[BungeeHub] &eNew version &bv%new_version% &edetected, current version: &bv%old_version%"
UpdatePage: "&aPlugin Page: &e%url%"
UpdateDownload: "&aDwonload Link: &e%url%"
# Help
HelpTitle: "&aBungeeHub v%version% Help:"
HelpHelp: "&a/bungeehub help &8- &7View help"
HelpCheck: "&a/bungeehub check &8- &7CheckUpdate"
HelpReload: "&a/bungeehub reload &8- &7Reload Config"